Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The 4th Raalparthian Grenadiers

The Raalparthian Grenadiers were known by many in the Segmentum Solar as one of the finest Imperial Guard regiments since the High Lords of Terra came to power. Known by all who served alongside them as “violently loyal” and “brutally precise” due to their no nonsense attitude to combat.  Their service to the Imperium has resulted in changing the way standard war has been fought, especially in situations of long term engagements on Hive worlds, guerilla war fare on death worlds, hand to hand combat on space hulks and stronghold assaults.  The world of Raalpartha is also the home of one of the Imperiums’ finest sniper schools as well as one of the premier training facilities for specialized warfare.

  The most decorated regiment in recent Imperial History has been the 4th Grenadiers. In over 100 campaigns, the 4th never retreated and came out the victor at the end of every bloody engagement. Their 101st campaign had them on the edge of the Eye Of Terror, sent to fight alongside two full battle companies of the Red Reapers Adeptus Astartes. They fought for nearly a month on their own against overwhelming numbers of Black Legion Chaos marines and over 500 hundred thousand renegade traitor Guard.  Both forces were overrun and wiped out with the exception of a small frigate that managed to slip away before the planet was virus bombed by the Black Legion.
The frigate docked on Cadia with its only passengers being Inquisitor Chambers ,Chaplain Bravva of the Red Reapers and ten near death survivors of the 4th Grenadiers.

No other regiment will bear the name of the 4th as a show of the respect for the price that was paid.

The ten survivors were deemed unfit to return to duty as a result of the horrors they encountered. 

Their whereabouts are unknown.

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