Tuesday, May 16, 2017


 Hive Canis lies to the South of Hive Primus.Surrounded by vast mountians of ash and sludge seas, the city is one of Necromundas main contributors of raw materials.

 Ruled by three ruling Noble families; House Calderon, House Hepzeba and House Olerand, they do as they please So long as they do not interfere with Lord Helmawrs interests, the Imperial Tithes and the Merchant Guild. The Rule of House and Hive still reign and Hive Canis has been known to be just as violent as any other Hive on Necromunda. The three ruling Noble Houses lord over the six Houses of Canis Hive City. House Faustos, House Gorian, House Teroa, House Aryas, House Sicario, House Tarak.

Each House has their own style of dress and beliefs the same as any other House of Necromunda. The one common trait all Houses of Canis share is a heavy allegiance to The Cult Mechanicus, as the citizens of the city are augmented in one way or another.

Just as all other Houses Fued within and without their own Hive, the common enemy of all the Houses is the many Nomad Clans of the Ash Wastes. Control of the Ore trade is number one on this part of Necromunda. And every House and gang will go to extreme ends to see themselves be on top.

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